Interruption from Regular Programming: April with Winter Storm Xanto

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this Winter Storm Xanto photo flash!

Interruption from Regular Programming

Into the snowy abyss

I mostly write about adventures, personal finance and our family’s stumblings through the world of DIY, frugality, and remote work.  But today, I have something that does not really fit my typical bill but is just too good not to post.  So, what to do?  Start a new series, of course!

Anytime you see this in the title, just plan on clicking on a little dose of random fun.

“Interruption from Regular Programming…”

Today’s random fun?  Photos from Winter Storm Xanto which struck much of the north April 14-15, 2018.  Here we go!

It’s Spring, It Can’t Snow THAT Much Anymore…

I could get lost out here!

On Thursday, April 12th, as I looked out at a partly sunny day with temps hovering around 45 degrees, I thought:

Finally, Spring has arrived!

Ha!  I had heard a few rumors of the coming snow but could not imagine anything more than a little dusting.  Maybe we’d be lucky and it would even miss us all together, right?!?  Oh, how naive I was.

April 14th is clearly outdoor seating weather in northern MI…

The first inkling of an escalating situation came when I started getting email alerts notifying me that local weekend events were being postponed or canceled.  Hmmm, a little snow doesn’t typically shut down our area.  Then came Friday.  Freezing rain and hail entered the region, thoroughly soaking the roads, trees and everything in between.  When the temperatures plunged Friday night, our world became one big ice skating rink.

Look up! Ice capped branches abound!

Saturday morning met me with 8-12″ of fresh snow (on top of 1″+ of ice!), high winds and freezing rain throughout the day.

Trees struggling under the weight of ice and snow

I honestly had more than a few moments of frustration with the weekend weather.  I had planned for a few good solid outdoor running workouts and maybe even a bit of yard play time with AR Jr.  Instead, I got frigid winds, sleet, snow, ice, rain and everything in between.

Party lights, lying in wait for their turn to brighten our backyard BBQs.

But it was beautiful.

I went outside at one point to survey our property and was blown away by how gorgeous it was.  Sure, it is April and not the time I’d typically long for my winter wonderland, but if I ignored the calendar I could not help but appreciate the scene.

Gentle giants “sleeping” under a blanket of snow.

Getting Stuck

I managed to get in and out of my driveway earlier in the day and had a neighbor help us clear it (our plow is acting up and was out of commission), but when I arrived home Saturday night, huge snow drifts had eaten our driveway and I got stuck.  And I mean, stuck.  No hope stuck.  And it was 11:30 pm, I had a sleeping toddler in the backseat and no husband around.  So, I just left my car in the driveway and trekked through the howling 30+ mph winds to our house with my little trooper (AR Jr.) in tow.

The next morning, my situation had worsened.  High winds overnight not only buried my car, but it also moved 4-5 foot drifts of snow into our driveway.  If I thought I was stuck before… now I was really stuck!  Thankfully, we have incredible family and neighbors who helped us dig out despite the persistent high winds and freezing rain.

Think Spring!

Our canoe is “thinking spring”!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little interruption courtesy of Winter Storm Xanto!  If you are enjoying weather above 45 degrees, please send the spring warmth vibes our way!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich