Why We Started A Blog

Last Friday, I wrote a post outlining the reasons we almost didn’t start this blog.  If you read that post, you saw that reasons why we delayed, doubted and almost scrapped our plan to join the personal finance/FIRE (financial independence/retire early) blog community.  Maybe the reasons struck a chord or felt familiar.  Maybe the post made you think, “With these reasons for not starting a blog… why did you go ahead and start one anyways?!?”.  Well, here I am with the follow up!

An example of the beauty around us we can’t wait to share with you!

Why We Started Blogging at “Adventure Rich”

Reason #1:  Accountability

Mr. Adventure Rich and I are relatively good with making goals or plans and sticking to them.  That being said, we are human.

At times we triumph and succeed.

At times we crash and burn, failing in a spectacular fashion.

When it comes to finances, there is little we are held accountable to outside our relationship.  Yes, we have credit cards that we pay off in full each month… so there is accountability to the banks.  We have a mortgage and bills which way pay monthly, again accountability.  But we do not have external accountability for the stretch goals such as saving x% of our income or sticking to money/lifestyle challenges.  Our parents don’t check in on us financially.  Most of our friends have not expressed interest in discussing finances (and we are NOT about to be the ones to push the topic or start unsolicited personal finance conversations!).

So, where do we find our accountability?

Currently, we find accountability within our relationship… with each other.  We plan our finances together, pressure test each other’s suggestions for purchases and work to build lasting wealth with a common goal of financial independence.  But there are times that we slip into a spend cycle mutually fueled by the justifications we give each other.

“Oh sure, hun, that extra craigslist item makes sense.”

“Hey, why not go grab dinner in town tonight?”

We realized that an additional layer of accountability, while not necessary, would certainly help us stick to our financial plans and fuel our drive to live the life we want to live!  This is where the blog comes in.  If we stick to our outline of being open and honest on this blog, we will be sharing our Net Worth, goals, perspectives and lessons learned.  And by publicly sharing this part of our lives, we hope to find an external accountability that will inspire and motivate us to follow up on the promises we make to each other and implement the lifestyle changes necessary to pursue financial independence.

Will we fail at times?  Yes, absolutely!

Will we tell you about ALL of these fails on the blog?  Probably not… but we will absolutely share some of our ups and downs.

It will be challenging to have another level of accountability (I’ve already found myself thinking “What if other bloggers knew I just spend $xx on y?!?”), but I hope we will be able to channel this into fuel for the FIRE!

Reason #2:  Community

I like to think that Mr. Adventure Rich and I have been non-creepily “lurking” on the personal finance/FIRE blog community for the past few years!  Between reading many blogs daily/weekly and listening to podcasts interviewing many of you bloggers, we felt like we were “getting to know” you all!

You were open and honest.

You encouraged each other.

You challenged one another to reach for new heights.

You celebrated success stories and supported the lessons learned.

Honestly, I personally became a bit envious of this awesome community!  Even though you are located across the country and around the world, there was clearly an amazing connection.

So while joining the personal finance/FIRE blog community was not the only reason we started a blog, it certainly was an excellent bonus and a motivation when deciding to finally pull the trigger and launch “Adventure Rich”.

Reason #3:  “Overflow Syndrome”

Many of Mr. Adventure Rich and I’s personal friends and family are not particularly interested in discussing personal finance (or if they are, they don’t show it…).  Occasionally, I’ll have a friend ask about if I contribute to a retirement account, invest in Apple stock or I follow any blogs.  But beyond these one off conversations, I don’t really have anyone to discuss my financial perspective with other than Mr. Adventure Rich (poor guy has had his ear talked off on this topic!!!).

The more we read blogs, listened to podcasts and discussed our financial perspective between ourselves, the more Mr. Adventure Rich and I felt like we were “brimming” with ideas to share!  We began to pound out our own thoughts and ideas.  We created our personal plan.  We challenged our ideas and the ideas we read or heard about on our favorite blogs/podcasts.  And we kept getting more and more excited about what we were learning!

So, how long can two people talk about the same topic without either driving each other crazy or getting bored out of there minds?Apparently quite awhile.  We didn’t want to test the limit on this one or lose any friends over incessant personal finance discussions, so we decided that a blog could be a great outlet for our ideas.


There is an added benefit of pressure testing our plans with a whole host of very smart individuals who may be willing to comment and give us some advice along the way!

Double Plus

Maybe, just maybe, our blog will help someone in their own financial path.  After having seen our lives change for the better through many of the personal finance blogs that exist, I can only hope to have such a positive impact on the lives of others someday.

Sunsets in northern Michigan have a way of addressing our concerns…

Addressing Our Concerns

In Friday’s blog post, I outlined 3 reasons we delayed our blog for a few years.  Here is my attempt to address each of our concerns.

Concern #1:  It’s All Been Said Before

It probably has been said before… but not the way we are going to say it!

The beauty of individuals is that we are all unique.

Mr. Adventure Rich and I have a story unlike any other out there.  And our goal is to share that story!  We plan to tie in our financial suggestions in with real world examples from our lives.  This means that our posts will not be applicable to everyone, but they will be applicable to some folks out there and that’s great!

Personally, I really enjoy reading multiple blog posts about the same topic from different angles.  The young couple with no kids in a high cost urban area will save for a down payment in a much different way than the single income family in a low cost midwest town.

Why should we be afraid of adding our own ideas into the mix, especially when they might be just what someone in a similar situation needs to hear???

Concern #2:  It’s Too “Late in the Game”

Ya gotta start somewhere, right?  Yes, maybe we are starting a bit late in the game.  Maybe our blog will never really “hit it off”.  Maybe we won’t hit more than a few hundred views in a month.  Does it matter?  Nope!  We have our reasons for being here and it isn’t for record blog views or being the most well known blog out there (ha!).  We are here for accountability, community and a place to share our financial thoughts and perspectives!

Concern #3:  Are We Good/ Interesting/ Entertaining/ Smart/ (insert quality here) Enough?

Probably not… but it doesn’t matter.  We look forward to learning along the way (please forgive our naive or newbie mistakes!).  And if our blog happens to make someone think a bit more about finances, help someone out or even give someone a bit of free entertainment, we’re happy!  And if not, we’ll never know!

And here we are… Blogging!

In sum, we have solid, personal reasons for launching our blog.  With that, we are marching forward and enthusiastically joining a world we have observed and admired for so long!  Its been an exciting 4 weeks filled with new ideas and lessons learned.  Here’s to many more to come!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich