Where are We? A Brief History

So, who are Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich?

Where did they come from?

Where are they going?

And do they even know the answer to these questions???

Mr. Adventure Rich and I plan to be quite transparent with our finances, lessons learned and perspectives on living a rich and adventurous life in simple ways. In order to do so, we would like you to get a bit of a better picture of who we are, where we came from and where we are at.

Our Background

Mr. Adventure Rich is the eldest in a family of five boys. He grew up in Connecticut, was an avid athlete, and worked odd jobs in cleaning and construction throughout high school and college. Mr. AR attended a small, liberal arts college in southern California, graduating in 2006 and immediately accepting a job at his alma mater as a Maintenance Supervisor.

I (Mrs. Adventure Rich!) grew up in northern Michigan with one younger brother and a passion for the outdoors. I also attended the same liberal arts college as Mr. AR in southern California, graduating in 2012 and beginning a career at a Fortune 40 company during second semester senior year.

From “I” to “We”

Soon after my graduation in 2012, Mr. Adventure Rich invited me on an adventurous first date. Somewhere between the dehydrating mountain bike ride, broken down truck and late night trip to the local store for aloe to sooth our sunburned shoulders, we decided that a second date was a good idea. Long story short, we were married 15 months later in the fall of 2013.

Throughout our dating, engagement and early marriage, Mr. AR and I began to aggressively pay down debt (ranging from credit card debt to student loans and a car loan), invest in retirement accounts, save an emergency fund…then a down payment fund as we committed time and energy into our careers. We chipped away at over $40,000 of debt and paid off the last loan in February 2015…16 months after our wedding day!

Why? We wanted options, freedom and peace of mind.

Big Life Changes!

The summer of 2015 brought Adventure Rich Junior into our lives. We were thrilled, but suddenly realized how hard it was to be a dual income household raising a child with little family support nearby. I will never forget the moment we realized that, due to the hard work we had put into our savings and careers, we had options. And we began to pursue those options.

Fast forward to July 2016 as we road tripped up to a friend’s wedding in California’s Central Valley. Mr. AR and I fondly look back at the 5 hour road trip as “that fateful journey”. Mr. AR received a job offer in northern Michigan that week and we needed to respond by Monday. This move would not only bring us closer to my family (a built in support system), but it would locate us in a MUCH more affordable part of the United States. As an additional bonus, my management went to bat for me, securing a guarantee that if my husband were to accept the new job, I would be granted status as an “OPW” (Off Premise Worker)- working full-time in my same job role and telecommuting from a home office.

Should we stay or should we go?

It was a good thing we were stuck in a car for 5 hours… we went round and round with scenarios, the logical pros and cons of each and the aspects of each scenario that excited or scared us. By the end of the trip, we were researching Penske trucks and planning our move across the country!

Originally, our plan was to rent a house for the first year or two. But as with most of our finely crafted plans, things don’t always go quite the way we think they will. Listed only on Craigslist, Mr. AR and I stumbled upon a house nestled in the wooded section of a ten acre lot which boasts rolling fields, towering poplars, maples and evergreens and a view of the sunset that reminds you just how beautiful life is (almost) every evening. By late October 2016, we moved into the house we now call home.

Always an Adventure,
Mrs. Adventure Rich