What Does It Mean To Dream Of Finding Money?

As the famous Wu-Tang Clan hook goes, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me’. We can’t escape the presence of money. You use the money to buy goods, pay your rent, get paid for your hard work etc. You can’t deny the fact that money consumes your attention almost every moment you are awake.

What about when you’re not awake though? What does it mean to dream of money? 

According to psychologists, dreams are a reflection of the subconscious mind. It reflects the hidden thoughts you hold in the back of your head before you fall asleep. 

Many of us know that dreams carry special meanings. In this article we break down the different types of money dreams and what they mean, starting with what it means to dream of finding money: 

1. You are Finding Money

If you dream about finding money, well this usually indicates that opportunities will come in your way. As I have said, money in your dreams may have multiple meanings, it does not alway mean that when you dream about money, it has something to do with your finances. Rather it may also mean that there is an opportunity or finding the possibility of traveling somewhere despite your busy schedule. 

Moreover, if you dream of finding money, this may also mean you are desiring something such as waiting for the right opportunity or you are in need of money.

2. You Find a Bag of Stolen Money

If ever you have dreamt of finding money that you knew was stolen, perhaps this means that you are kinda dealing with some personal dilemma in your life. This feels like you know something that is wrong; however, you are weighing whether you will ignore it or face the problem.

Hence, if you keep dreaming stuff like this, it is better to face that dilemma and solve it in real life.

3. You are Counting Money

The meaning of counting money in your dream is a sign that your subconscious mind is looking back at your past achievements. You have that feeling of satisfaction with what you have now and you are now enjoying it.

Would I be worried, if I just counted a small amount? Well, no worries because it just means that even small things can bring out greater things that you can be proud of.

4. Your Money is Stolen

If you dream that you have been robbed, this is an indication that there is a threat in your life. This dream can literally mean that someone might take away your possession, or there’s a deeper meaning to it. For example, you are working in a fashion industry, you might be cautious that someone might steal your ideas from you or you may feel anxious that the top 2 at your school may dethrone you in being consistent top 1. 

However, in some cases, if you have been already stolen, yet you still dream about it, then this means that you are disappointed and the things that were stolen from you is bothering you.

5. You are Stealing Money

Unfortunately, this dream indicates some life uncertainties such as the feeling that you cannot achieve anything or get something on your own or there is no one else around you that you could ask for help. Therefore, you have no other options but to grab that opportunity so that you can achieve or get your desires.

Therefore, it would be best to look closely at your surroundings because maybe there is someone who can still help you whenever you need help.

6. You Win Money on a Slot Machine

If you dream about winning money on a slot machine, it may reflect the feeling of being lucky for having taken a chance on one great opportunity. This can symbolize self-confidence and having good faith that you will achieve your dreams.  You have come to realize a clearer alignment with yourself, thus may help you in your decision-making.

Take advantage of this positivity, your subconscious mind is already prepared for you to win your goals too!

7. You are Spending Someone’s Money

Unfortunately, this kind of dream is not a good sign. If you dream about spending someone else’s money, whether it is for leisure or just for your personal needs, this dream is interpreted that you are caught doing some deceitful activities.

8. You have no Money

The feeling of having no money, in reality, is really daunting, but what if it also happened in your dream? What does this mean? Well, if you dream that you have no money, this dream is telling you that you lack self-confidence.  You are doubting yourself that you lack the capacity to fulfill your dreams; therefore, you got worried about it.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you are dealing with serious financial problems and you are worried about it.  Moreover, if you dream about having no money, this also means that you lack self-worth. However, keep in mind that money doesn’t define who you are. What’s inside really matters and having money alone does not keep a person fulfilled and satisfied.

9. You are Receiving Money

Being offered with money on your dreams means that there is an opportunity coming on your way. 

However, this dream can also be interpreted as a form of doubting yourself. You feel that you only achieve something because others helped you. Without the help from others, you might not achieve what you have now. However, do not let this negativity foster, just think that people around you are meant to help each other so that they grow together. Stop doubting yourself, instead, just be thankful that you live in a world where helping each other is a form of gratitude.

10. You Burn or Tear Down Money

When you dream about burning or tearing down money, it indicates that you just want to be free from something such as how people see you or what other people think about you. You just got tired of the thought of how society looks at you or judged you and you just want to break away from this stigma. 

Keep in mind that you are always free and you are free to choose whatever you want. It is just you who always cares about what other people say or think. Therefore, if ever you dream about this, it’s a sign that you need to break and free yourself from the stigma.

11. You Dream About Paper Money

If you are one of the people who is searching about, “dreaming of paper money meaning”. Well, this is just a simple reminder about the bills or debts that you must pay soon.

12. You Borrowed Money

If you dream that you borrowed money from someone, this means that you need to seek help from someone in order to progress in your life. This could be a bad omen that also indicates you are suffering from financial setbacks.

13. You Lent Money to Someone with Interest

Dreaming about lending money to someone with interest indicates that you will face big disappointments along your way. It could be a financial loss; therefore, whether you believe it or not, make sure you are prepared.

14. You are Earning Money

If you are working in your dream and you get paid for the work you have done, this indicates that you have done something good that may pay off someday. It might be in your career or to other people.

However, this does not mean that if you do something good today, it will pay off tomorrow. Just wait for the positive consequences coming in your way!

15. You are Investing Money

This dream signifies a good omen that is interpreted as something good will happen to your family such as an addition of a new member to your family. Perhaps, someone in your family will tie the knot soon or possible, someone from your family will bear a child.

16. You Give Money

If you dream that you are giving money away, this means that you are helpful and supportive for others. It may not be in terms of money, but you can help others through implementing their plans and ideas or supporting them in times they need someone to lean on. 

On the other hand, this dream also indicates that you are capable of helping someone. Now it’s your time to wake up yourself and do something about helping others.

17. You are Overspending Money

Spending money in your dreams is an indication of pride and wastage. If you see that you have a lot of money in your dream, this symbolizes your energy. Therefore, if you dream that you are spending a huge amount of money, this may mean that you are spending your energy and resources on something, even though you are unsure if your expectations will be met.

Hence, this kind of dream is a gentle reminder to step back and look carefully on the things that you do. Make sure to allocate and use your energy and resources wisely.

18. Finding Money in Dirt

If you dream of finding money in dirt or in a muddy place, this indicates that you are losing track of the important things in your life. For example, you earn a lot of money or you are doing good in your career, however, when it comes to your family, you lack time to spend with them. 

Therefore, you must learn how to balance life, because your finances are not the most important things in life. You must also learn to value other simple things such as spending time with your loved ones.


Dreams can carry symbolic meanings, or reveal underlying thoughts from our daily life. One way that you can delve deeper into your dreams is to keep a journal. Put it next to your bed and record your dreams as soon as you wake up. 

Have you ever dreamt about money? What do you think it meant? Share that with us in the comments below!