17 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Buy Online And Where To Get Them

There are a lot of things you can buy online nowadays. Online shopping has become a social norm because it is hassle-free and most importantly, you can add on your cart even the weirdest stuff you can find online since it’s only you and the seller who will get to know what you buy. There are some things you can buy online that are just so strange and unusual that people like you love to hunt them, maybe for entertainment purposes or just to give it to someone to piss them off. Well, no matter what is your reason why you are buying these things, here is a rundown of some weird things you can buy online. Let me know, whether they are “YAY” or “NAY” to add on cart the items you will see below. Buy on Amazon

1. 1500 Live Ladybugs

Yes, you read it right. You can be a proud parent of 1500 ladybugs that you can buy online. However, I got confused with one of its item descriptions that say they are good for birthday parties. Well, in my entire life, I have never attended any parties with ladybugs flying around the venue or as the main feature. That sounded weird, right? You can buy these 1500 live ladybugs for only $7.25. However, they got mixed reviews, both positive and negative. Some reviews are complaining that most ladybugs came in dead, while most reviews are positive since they are useful in their gardens and they are perfect for people who want natural and organic gardening without using any chemicals. Buy on Amazon

2. Mobile Phone Jail Cell

Even cellphones can now be put in jail. Well, this weird stuff is perfect for people who are addicted to cell phones. What’s the catch about this item is that it is like a usual jail, where you need a key to open up the lock. To make the item serve its purpose, make sure that when you lock your mobile phone in the jail, you hand the key to someone and tell them not to give you the key unless you are done with your task. Yes, you may call it weird, but you cannot deny the fact that it is also useful, especially in controlling and limiting your time using your mobile phone. P.S. It can hold large phones with a dimension of 15 x 13 x 19 cm. Buy on Amazon

3. Umbrella Hat

If you want to use your umbrella hands-free and stylish, well, you may check this cool umbrella hat that will keep you dry on rainy days and keep you safe against harmful UV rays. Though you may look a bit weird and crazy when you wear it, people like it since it is useful, especially during camping or hiking.  Some people complain that the stitches of this umbrella hat tear easily. Nonetheless, most of the reviews are positive saying that this item is portable and lightweight, which is perfect for outdoor use and some people used it for their costume. Buy on Amazon

4. Mini-golf Set

If you are too busy to hit the course, why not try this mini-golf set from Amazon? Well, this mini-golf set really looks like you are in an actual golf course because of its complete inclusion package such as the putting green, golf balls, flag, and the flag stick.

What makes this mini-golf set is that it is placed inside the comfort of your bathroom so that you can still practice your putt while doing your thing. 

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5. Bacon Strips Bandages

Who would have thought that even bandages can be designed into deliciously-looking bacon strips? Each tin contains 25 bacon-inspired strip bandages and a bonus trinket. If you are wondering if these bandages smell like bacon? Well, they do not smell bacon because that would be weirder, right? Just like the usual bandages, these bacon strips bandages are also perfect for small cuts.

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6. Message on a Real Potato

This is actually really funny stuff that you can buy online. The seller used top-quality Idaho potatoes and premium black gel ink to write your message or they can also draw pictures on it, based on the product description.

If you are looking for an ultimate gag gift, well, you can’t go wrong with this message on potato items on Amazon, so go and mail a potato to someone!

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7. Mac-inspired Candle

Can afford any Mac products? Well, try to buy this cute, yet weird mac-inspired candle. It is a scented candle with the hints of lemon, amber, musk, and tarragon that will help you get the new Mac smell. Just like the price of Mac products, this Mac-inspired candle is a bit pricey that will cost you around 20 bucks.

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8. Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

This toilet paper is not just your ordinary toilet paper since the face of Donald Trump is printed on each leaf on the toilet paper, which makes this item kinda weird. This toilet paper is meant to entertain people who are on both sides of the political spectrum, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. 

However, this item garnered both positive and negative reviews from Amazon. They complain that the actual item is way smaller than the expected size. Nonetheless, this toilet paper roll is hilarious and can be a perfect gag gift to someone.

If the Trump roll is not your style, you may opt for Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper Roll.

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9. Giant Nose Soap Dispenser

If you are hunting weird stuff, why not buy this giant nose soap dispenser from Amazon? The catch about this item is that once you press the nose, the soap will ooze out of the nostril just like a thin mucus when you have colds. That’s weird, right? 

Well, this giant nose soap dispenser is a must-try! Your usual hand washing habit will never be the same again. 

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10. Unique Flavor Soda Pop

Well, crazy as they sound, but these bottled flavored soda taste like real foods, even though they are just carbonated drinks. They come in different flavors such as bacon, buffalo wings, sweet corn, ranch dressing, pumpkin pie, and peanut butter and jelly. 

So, challenge your taste buds by taking a sip on these unique flavor soda pops. 

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11. Pet Urine Detector UV Flashlight

Yes, I told you there are a lot of weird things you can buy online and this pet urine detector light really exists. So, what this product does is that you can detect your pet’s dirty deeds by flashing the light on the surface. The flashlight will reveal stains of your pet’s urine because of the long-emitting UV light that will cause the urine stains to shine bright. Moreover, aside from detecting urine, it can also be used to inspect precious particles such as money and gemstones. Just a gentle reminder, avoid looking directly at the purple light emitted by this product since it contains a high amount of ultraviolet rays. Also, remove the batteries as soon as possible after use. Buy on Amazon

12. Temporary Sticky Pockets

If your outfit does not have any pockets or you do not want to bring a bag to place your stuff, well, you may try these temporary sticky pockets to solve your problem. Call these items weird, odd, or strange, but they are really handy during these times.  The pockets are made from 100% soft breathable cotton and they can stay in place for a longer period of time UNLESS you remove it or launder the item. However, some viewers say that the pockets are small and even your driver’s license cannot be fitted.  Maybe, a money belt is more perfect if you want to hold small items like cards and small cash. Buy on Amazon

13. Engagement Ring

When I say you can buy everything you need online, I mean it, but, seriously, even an engagement ring can be added to your cart? Well, aside from engagement rings, you can also buy your wedding bands online. This sounds a bit crazy, though. The price of an engagement ring varies since there are a lot of sellers you can see on Amazon, but it has a price range around $3000 to $7000. However, I would not recommend buying an engagement ring online. If ever you ignore my warning, let me know how your transaction goes. I really have serious doubts about buying an engagement ring online. Buy on Amazon

14. Meat Shredder Claws

If you want to look for hilarious yet efficient ways on how to cut and chop your meat into pieces, you may try this meat shredder claws on Amazon. Shredding meat will never be the same before since you got that Wolverine-vibe in you! Buy on Amazon

15. Human Anatomy Swimsuit Bikini

Well, people will not find you weird if you wear this swimsuit on halloween parties; however, wearing this on a usual day at the beach, people will find you weird. LOL.  In case you forgot, this one piece swimsuit is a diagram of a human internal organs made with spandex and polyester. Buy on Amazon

16. The Hen Bag Handbag

Is this a limited-edition bag? Nope, this is just a rubber chicken purse that you can find in Amazon. Wearing this handbag will surely draw a lot of attention from people, I swear! Buy on Ebay

17. Kangaroo Scrotum Keyrings

Wow, even keyrings nowadays have weird designs? Well, check this kangaroo scrotum keyring from eBay, so that you know what I am saying. The keyring is covered in soft and is perfect for people who are not too squeamish to enjoy the unusual stuff.