Adventure Challenge #3: Go Watch the Sunset

When was the last time you saw the sunset?  This past week?  In the past month?

Now, what if I were to ask you the last time you truly “watched the sunset”?  I mean, when was the last time you took the time to watch the sun slowly descend out of eyesight (whether it melted into the horizon or dipped below buildings or objects)?  Has it been awhile?

Watching Sunsets


This week, I am enjoying a week off of work.  We hosted Mr. Adventure Rich’s brother and his family through the weekend and into this week.  They left yesterday, but we were lucky enough to pack in a sun, sand and adventure filled few days with their family.  As part of this vacation/staycation, Mr. Adventure Rich and I suggested that we watch the sunset from the Point Betsie Lighthouse along Lake Michigan on Monday night.  The evening blew me away!


I often think I “watch the sunset”.  I casually glance over towards the western horizon, take a moment to appreciate the array of color, maybe snap a photo, then I move on with wrapping up my day.

Rarely do I take the time to truly watch the sunset… to stop everything I am doing for 5 or 10 minutes and sit there, completely intent on the horizon.  But this past Monday, that is exactly what we did.

A Lake Michigan Summer Sunset

Point Betsie Lighthouse

We arrived at Point Betsie about 15 minutes before the sunset.  Armed with cookies to keep the overly-tired children (AR Jr. + his cousins) happy, we cozied up in the sand and stared out across the expanse of water, focusing on the sun.  The sun seemed to accelerate as it approached the horizon, moving faster and faster until its lower portion met the water.  Then it sank, lower and lower, swallowed by the lake.

I played a game with my niece and nephews that my parents played with me when I was young.  As we all gazed intently at the sun, we started repeating “going, going, going” until the first person to notice the disappearance of the last sliver of sun yelled “Gone!”

Suggested Formula for Watching the Sunset

Almost gone!

Now, you all probably know how to watch the sunset, but here are a few Adventure Rich guidelines to throw in the mix!

1. Stop everything.  

Do not pick up your phone, do not try to multitask, do not collect $200 (ok, fine, you can collect $200, but that is my only concession!).

2. Find a location.  

You don’t need the picture perfect vista, but ideally you will find a good, western facing location to watch the sunset.  It can be in (or on top of!) your car, on a porch or deck, from an apartment or office window, or just wherever you are!

3. Come prepared.  

Bring a sweatshirt, blanket, chair or whatever else will help you to be comfortable in your evening outing.

4. Get ready 15 minutes in advance.  

Not necessary, but I don’t take time to “unwind” often enough, so watching the sunset can provide a moment of calm to reflect on the day.

5. Going, Going, Gone!  

As the sun sinks below the horizon, say (out loud or in your head) “going, going, going… gone!”

Enjoy 🙂

The Challenge

So here is my challenge to you.  I challenge you to watch the sunset in the next few weeks.  Stop everything you are doing and just let your mind wander as you follow the sun’s path towards the horizon.  And enjoy!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich