What’s in Our Wallet: Cars and Trucks Edition

Happy Friday!  I hope you all are keeping the summer holiday spirit going and heading outdoors for an adventure with your friends and family!  Our “What’s in Our Wallet” post this week is a bit of a stretch… we are covering our cars and trucks.  Let’s just consider this part of our “metaphorical wallet”.

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Primary Cars

When Mr. Adventure Rich and I decided to move from southern California to northern Michigan, we quickly realized that our fair-weather cars would be considered “cute” in the harsh winters as they slid into a ditch or got stuck in the driveway.  We needed to revise switch up our vehicle situation and look for more winter-worthy cars.

2008 Subaru Outback

I am a long-time lover of Subarus.  My dad drove Subarus my entire life and they are rockstar cars for the 3 foot snow drifts or slick icy curves.  If you ask me what my dream car, my answer is a Subaru Outback with manual transmission.  So you can imagine my joy when Mr. AR and I had a good reason to buy a Subaru!

Outback + Truck

We purchased my Subaru Outback (manual transmission of course) for $10,200 two weeks before we moved to Michigan.  We decided to purchase in California since the likelihood of rust is reduced in the used car market when the roads are not habitually salted for ice control.  Our Subie has a little bit of rust in the undercarriage, but nothing major and we expect to drive this baby for years.  In case you were wondering, Subie took a nice trailer ride hitched to the Penske truck for the cross-country drive to avoid a 2,000+ mile drive right off the bat!

2004 Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester with a guest appearance by our canoe.

Once we arrived in Michigan, we set out looking for a used car for Mr. Adventure Rich.  After considering a variety of cars (Subarus, Jeeps, etc), we found a decent little Subaru Forester for around $3,400.  Definitely a bit of wear and tear on this guy, but he holds up well and kept Mr. AR safely on the road during his early morning winter commutes!


We call this hill “Ford Field”.

I know, I know, we are self-proclaiming frugal people… we should be shunning trucks with a vengeance!  So let me caveat.  These trucks are not our primary cars and we don’t use them daily (well, the plow truck gets daily use in the winter, but only along a .25 mile driveway…).  Consider these trucks “tools”.

1998 Ford F150 Plow Truck

Part of our driveway after a relatively “light” snow.

This Ford is our plow/work truck.  When we moved into our home in October, it was clear we would need a snow removal solution for our quarter-mile long driveway.  After discussing our options, Mr. Adventure Rich and I both agreed that we would hire the neighbor down the road to snow blow (with a tractor blower) our driveway.  This worked well until our neighbor’s tractor broke.  We were stuck… literally.  I spent about 3+ hours on my birthday shoveling out the two cars (ironically, neither of them were our cars…) stuck in our snow drift, I mean, driveway.

Plow Truck earning its keep!

Within two weeks, we found this Ford + Plow on Craigslist for $3,000.  This allowed Mr. AR to have the ability to plow the drive on a need basis.  The Ford has become our “work truck” for plowing in the winter and hauling branches/brush/tools in the summer.  We use it solely on our property and it has yet to leave our drive.  We even fill up gas cans at the local station and bringing them back to the truck.

1972 Ford F250

Ole Ford.

Total guilty pleasure.  Ok, maybe not a TOTAL guilty pleasure, but we love this ole truck!  About a month after we started dating, Mr. Adventure Rich sent me a link to a Craigslist ad featuring a 1972 Ford 250 on sale for $700.  We went to go see it a few days later and drove away with this beauty!

The utility side of ole Ford.

Mr. Adventure Rich fixed it up and added siding to the truck bed.  This went on to Ford serve as our “get-away truck” on our wedding day.  The old Ford is now our off-property hauling truck and is often used when we need to pick up the bulkier purchases or freebies we have come across (free piano, free fire pit, free treadmill, used couch + chair, used bunk bed, etc).

We hope that the Ford will still be running strong when we start to teach our son how to drive.  I can already see him peering over the massive steering wheel as he learns to cruise through our front fields…

Cars and Trucks

There you have it!  The Adventure Rich family cars and trucks… plural on both fronts.  Anyone else out there with an extra vehicle around?  Anyone else own both “primary vehicles” and  “utility/work vehicles” like we do?

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich