Super Sexy Millionaire Pledge

Its official! The Adventure Rich family is joining the “Million Dollar Club” that J$ founded over at Budgets are Sexy (Hi J$!). We are joining over 180 bloggers by pledging to pursue the Double Comma Club.

In order to join, we pledge to do the following things in the pursuit of a MILLION DOLLARS (which is actually quite realistic!).

Our Pledge

  1. Max out at least one 401 K to the full $18,000 + company match as allowed by the IRS each year.
  2. Track our Net Worth monthly.
  3. Pay off our credit cards in full each month.
  4. Stick with our plan to pay for an additional $400/month on our mortgage, resulting in paying off the mortgage prior to our son’s graduation from high school (aka- BEFORE college costs should we choose to contribute to his education).
  5. Seek the frugal option – buy used and look for freebies, be resourceful and use what we have.
  6. Make/consume a majority of our food (including beer/cocktails!) at home.
  7. Invest any unexpected cash influxes such as work bonuses, tax refunds, gifts, etc.
  8. Continue to educate ourselves in personal finance topics by reading, following fellow bloggers, listening to podcasts, and discussing these topics when appropriate.
  9. Teach our son to be fiscally responsible and to enjoy the beauty this life has to offer.
  10. Live generously within our means.  Continue to donate to our church and other organizations.
  11. Embrace the Adventure!

We may add to or revise this list along the way, but here is a good start… wish us luck!

Always an Adventure,

The Adventure Rich Family