The Adventure Rich Personal Finance Story (Guest Post on Two Cup House!)

This may be sounding like a broken record… but I have another guest post to share with you today!  I did a bit of work over the past few weeks writing and podcasting with others.  Now, all of the podcast episodes and guest posts are being released!

The Adventure Rich Personal Finance Story on Two Cup House

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Today’s guest post is over at the blog Two Cup House.  Claudia is a personal finance blogger who dives into debt freedom and financial independence.  Claudia and her husband, Garrett, downsized to a 500 square foot home and embrace minimalism (and only two cups in the house!).  They have incredible articles about their tiny home living, debt payoff, money making prowess, and saving tips.  They also had award-winning Halloween costumes at FinCon (they came as a  Bull Market and a Bear Market!)  I recommend checking out their blog!

The article posted this week titled “A Personal Finance Story… Mrs. Adventure Rich” covers our journey through personal finance, some of our wins and struggles, our lessons learned, and tips for moving foward.  I enjoyed working through the interview questions and hope you enjoy reading them!

As always, I will reply to comment both here and at Two Cup House.  Feel free to ask a question!  Have a great weekend!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich