Net Worth Update – September 2017: $289,186.99 (+$4,400.25)

These net worth updates always sneak up on me…

I hope everyone is having a pleasant and relaxing Labor Day weekend.  Some cooler weather has moved into the northern Michigan area, but we still have a few warm sunny days to enjoy.

Cash and Savings

After realizing that we may be addicted to savings accounts, we have kept our account opening craze at bay and did not create a new account this month 😉

The biggest mover and shaker (%-wise) this month was our Fun Fund.  We have a 5 day/4 night family vacation scheduled in mid-September so I have been boosting our Fun Fund we can help pay for our gas, hotel and ferry ride (we’re heading to Mackinac Island!).

While we typically put a bit more each month into overall savings, we recently paid our annual Auto Insurance bill in full (pay in full = 10% discount).  This, unfortunately, is a doozy and meant we had to scale back the cash going into savings to cover the bulk payment.  While Michigan is a relatively LCOL state, the auto insurance here is the most expensive in the country.  Bummer.

In other news, we also didn’t spend a fortune attending a European wedding this past month, so our savings wasn’t totally shot!


Not too much to speak of here.  We are maxing out my 401K and the HSA, so those are the only contributions to speak of.


I was laughing when I pulled this section of our net worth on Friday.  I mentioned that last month, our “Zenestimate” (Zillow’s home value estimator- used by Mint) mysteriously jumped from about $23,000 last month (whaaat?) from $227K to $250K.  This month, Zillow has decided to “boost the value” an additional $20K on the Zenestimate to $270K (a full $43K jump in the past 6 weeks).

Ha!  Apparently putting in curtains and a railing to our stairway equates to $43K of home value 😉

Since I have no idea what is going into the algorithm Zillow uses for their Zenestimates, I am keeping our home value at $230K for tracking purposes.  We bought out house for $220K and I believe this is a fair estimate.


In general, we are going at a slow and steady pace on our mortgage, paying a little extra each month.  I broke our rhythm a bit this past month when our payment took us from $178,856.82 to $178,133.13.  That last $133.13 bugged me, so I made an extra all principle payment of $133.13 to round us out at $178K.  #moneynerd


Nothing too new here.  I mentioned our annual car insurance payment above, which went on our Sapphire credit card (we put most of our expenses on our various credit cards in order to earn points and track our spending), so there are a few extra points heading our way for that payment.

Net Worth September

We wrapped up August with a Net Worth of $289,186.99, an increase of $4,440.25.  Not as impressive as some months (we had good looking increases of $8-9k in our July and August updates), but still heading in the right direction.

Net Worth History

Here’s to a few more days of summer and a crisp, cool fall around the corner!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich