Net Worth Update: June 1, 2017 ($267,600.01)

It’s Net Worth time!  I am writing this on the evening of the 1st, my designated monthly update day.  While I keep an eye on our net worth throughout the month, it is always exciting to plug the new numbers into the Excel and let the formulas run their magic, presenting me with a shiny new Net Worth calculation!  If you want to learn more about our history of net worth tracking, head over here.

So how did the Adventure Rich family fair in June?  Pretty damn well 😉

Cash and Savings

Our cash and savings accounts were in the black (or green, whatever floats your boat).  We have 4 savings accounts with Ally Bank dedicated to different goals.  These receive a portion of my paycheck each month, as well as any extra money we can stash away and a 1.05% interest rate from Ally.  Our checking accounts receive the balance of our paychecks and are divvied up as follows:  BoA Account = Mortgage + Household Expenses, Chase = Paying Credit Cards, Daycare and other misc. expenses.  The Chase is the only bank we have locally, so ATM $$ if cash is needed (Craisglist!).    The Health Equity (HEQ) is our Dependent Care Flexible Savings Account, which receives auto-deposits from my paycheck.  We will submit for reimbursement in June.   And the “Health Equity HSA (Cash)” is Cash amount HEQ requires if you invest (find the remainder of our HSA in the “Investment” Section.


Mmmmm, my favorite, investments!  Company stock is some leftovers from an ESPP that I opted into for a bit.  The dividends are reinvested, but are separated out in eTrade so I keep it that way.  I have a 401K with my company which is our primary investment vehicle at the moment (in Vanguard, maxing out + company match!).  Mr. Adventure Rich’s 403b plan is leftover from his former job (new job 401k eligible in August I think…) and we are working to roll it over to a Vanguard IRA soon!  Our HSA investments are in Vanguard funds via Health Equity and we are using it as an additional retirement account.  We don’t focus too much in the 529 plan… we started it with our 2015 Tax Return and just invest any cash gifts our son receives at this point.

Aaaand the elephant in the room, that “Property Investment”.  Let’s put this squarely in the “lessons learned” category.  Back in 2014, a friend of ours approached us about an investment opportunity at the company he works for.  They had a few projects that required capital (estimated return in 1 year back in 2014…) and we decided to invest.  Apparently, the investment is still good and we will be able to reap the benefits soon… but this has dragged on and we definitely kick ourselves over the lack of info we went into the investment with and the missed opportunity cost 3 years later (ugh, my gut hurts right now 🙁 ).


I know I know, houses and cars can be liabilities, but they do have value so I am categorizing these as “Assets”.  Our primary vehicles are Subarus (Forester for him, Outback for me).  We have an old 1972 Ford F250 that Mr. Adventure Rich bought while we were dating for $700 and fixed up.  Its completely sentimental but we love that ole truck and plan to teach our son to drive around the property in it… lucky kid! 🙂  And with a 1/4 mile long driveway + lake effect snow in the winter, a Plow Truck (old Ford… 1998 maybe?) with a plow attached was a must.  Its not registered and we use it for plowing in the winter and hauling/yard work around our 10 acres in the summer.  Our house + 10 acres is valued at approximately $226,000.  The slight drop in our overall Asset category is accounted for in basic car depreciation.


Only one here!  Our mortgage is a 30 Year Fixed-Rate Conventional loan at 3.5%.  We pay a bit extra with the goal of paying off our house during our son’s Senior year of high school.


We put as many expenses/bills/payments onto our credit cards to take advantage of the rewards each has to offer.  We pay them off IN FULL each and every month.  This typically takes place early in the month and again mid-month, so this balance does not include any carry-over and will be paid off shortly.

Grand Total

Drumroll please… our updated Net Worth as of June 1, 2017 is $267,600.01, up $5,996.90 from May 1*.

*Note- If you saw our “Adventurous Net Worth History” post, you may be asking why our May number is ~$5,000 more here than in the previous post.  Reason:  I failed to check our handy Excel formulas and discovered I calculated last month’s net worth leaving out a whole $5,000 (one of the savings accounts), oops!

Net Worth History

I like graphs… so I made 2.  The graph above shows our Net Worth progress in 2017… and the graph below shows our Net Worth progress from January 2015 (when we started tracking).

We hope you had a great month of May… here comes summer!!!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich