Net Worth Update: July 2017: $276,608.16

Helloooo summer!  It is gorgeous up here in northern Michigan and we have been soaking up summer and all it has to offer!  It is crazy-town in our area with the National Cherry Festival here for the next week, so we are working to somewhat avoid the chaos while still enjoying some parts of the festival (the airshow with the USAF Thunderbirds, a 15K I will race next Saturday and maybe a parade… TBD on that one!).

AR Jr. + Grandma at the Airshow!

Since it is the beginning of the month, it is also Net Worth time.  June was one of those awesome months that reined in 3 paychecks for me since my employer pays on Fridays (Mr. Adventure Rich is paid mid-week, so his 3 paycheck month comes in August).  That along with good market forces led to a great month for the Adventure Rich household!

Collecting worms.

Cash and Savings

Somewhat typical monthly events here.  We submitted a bill for the first 6 months of AR Jr.’s daycare bill to the HealthEquity Dependent Care FSA for reimbursement.  As a result, the DCFSA dropped quite a bit as this money was routed to our bank account.


Our investments are essentially on autopilot.  I am maxing out my 401K and receive an employer match and I am maxing out our HSA from my paycheck.  The 529 Plan for AR Jr. and my company stock accounts are both just sitting there enjoying the benefits of being invested in an increasing stock market (though we have no illusions that this is a permanent state of growth…).

The one pending change is with Mr. AR’s 403b plan.  We are 99% of the way through rolling over this plan to a Vanguard IRA, so we will be finalizing shortly (hopefully in July!).


This area is another relatively typical area for June.  The cars depreciated a bit (based on Kelly Blue Book) and our house appreciated a bit (based on Zillow).


Chippin’ away at the ole block!  Another $700 hitting the principle of our mortgage, bringing us under the $180k mark as we head into July.


As I mentioned in my June Net Worth update, we pay off our credit cards in full once or twice a month.  I have our next payments planned for this week, so these balances will drop to $0 soon!

Net Worth July

All in all, it was a great month for the Adventure Rich family!  An increase of $9,008 to bring our Net Worth to $276,608!

Net Worth History

Here are our two historical graphs, one charting our 2017 YTD Net Worth (above) and one charting our Net Worth since we began tracking in January 2015 (below).

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!  God bless America!

Coast Guard Cutter and Stuntman at the National Cherry Festival Airshow

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich