Net Worth Update – January 2018: $323,563 (+$9,292)

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing Holiday Season with friends, family, and loved ones.

Mr. Adventure Rich and I are thoroughly enjoying the adventure of creating our own family traditions throughout the holidays, incorporating elements from our each of our families and starting new traditions with AR Jr.  We were also thrilled to experience our second “white Christmas” together.  While it was great to be able to camp and go to the beach on Christmas Day while living in California… there is just something about waking up to see our yard enveloped in a blanket of snow and the muted tones of winter stretching across the countryside.

Mr. Adventure Rich and I have also been doing some reflecting and planning for our future.  While we have yet to finalize our big goals we would like to pursue and the habits we would like to cultivate, we are finding excitement and adventure in the possibilities we are discussing.

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Cash and Savings

This month, we began shifting our cash savings from our House and Emergency funds (we are happy with where these funds are at) to our Investment and Vehicle funds.  Our goal is to have a bit of a stash for some type of future investment (Business? Real estate? IRA?) and for a future vehicle need.  While we are fortunate to have two running used cars, we like having a cushion in case that changes and we are heading to the used car market!

We are also working to re-up our Charity fund.  After the fires in California, we donated to several families we knew who lost homes, businesses and/or possessions to the fires.  This brought our Charity fund balance to $0 for a bit, so we plan to save for future opportunities to give.


Our year wrapped up extremely well on the investment front, where we met our goal of maxing out my 401k and our HSA.  The market certainly added quite a bit of gravy to our numbers this year as well.


Our house is still estimated at a ridiculously high amount on Zillow, so I’m keeping to my method of putting the value I believe we could reasonably sell the house for in our Net Worth tracker.  Considering we have no plans to move from our dream home, this is a good way for us to acknowledge our home value without over-inflating our Net Worth.  And the slight drop in value on the Subaru Forester comes courtesy of Kelly Blue Book.


Mr. Adventure Rich and I keep chipping away little by little on our mortgage.  We are just over a year in and are on track to removing PMI within the next few months (Wooohooo!).


Sorry, boring.  Beyond some fun with experimenting in the churning world, our credit card category is just a rotation of our expenses at this point.

Net Worth January 2018

Wow.  Earlier in 2017, I wondered if we would break $300k.  We not only hit this milestone, but we exceeded it by a good chunk!  Now, before I start pinching myself too much, I am reminding myself daily that the Stock Market is on an incredible run and we are heavily invested in stocks.  When the run dries up and we head towards a drop, our Net Worth won’t look so pretty… and that is absolutely ok!

Net Worth Graphs

I like pretty graphs and I cannot lie…

Remember that Shameless Tease… Tune in Next Week

Last month in our Net Worth December update, I put a little tease at the bottom of the post… stating that there will be a big announcement coming soon.

Tease #2:  Tune in Next Week 😉

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich