Net Worth Update – December 2017: $314,270.68 (+$8,231.85)

November was a month of busy work days, a sans-toddler date night/staycation for Mr. Adventure Rich and I, and a visit to New England to see Mr. AR’s family for Thanksgiving.  We are adjusting to the time change and shifting our closets to winter-ware (bring it on, Winter 2017/2018! #prayforsnow)


Mr. Adventure Rich and I have also taken up “streaking“… good thing we have 10 acres and some woods around our house. I kid, I kid. We are streaking but we are streaking towards 2018 by sticking to a daily action between Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day in an effort to stay on track with goals through the holidays.  It isn’t too late to join in… details here!  #ARStreak

Cash and Savings

With the payoff of my hotel at FinCon and traveling to New England for Thanksgiving with Mr. Adventure Rich’s family, we didn’t have any extra to put in our cash savings.


The U.S. Stock Market is straight BONKERS right now.  It is soaring higher by the day.  While it is fun to see numbers rise, I am tempering the good vibes with the reality that numbers can drop and I could wake up any day with a substantially lower balance.


Hate to break it to you, but not all of personal finance is sexy and exciting.  Case in point, our assets.  They are boring.  No real change, just some housing market flux that I am deliberately ignoring for our Net Worth updates (I prefer to keep a conservative estimate of our home’s value listed).


In for the long haul, but happy at the progress as we chip away at what we hope is our forever home!


Paid off the bigger bills from last month and will be paying off the balances this month when I get paid today 🙂

Net Worth December

And a Net Worth of $314,270.68.  I’d like to thank the US Stock Market… (*feigning my faux “Best Actress” voice)

A Shameless Tease

Okay, I hate when people do this… but I’m going to do it anyway 😉  I’m going to tease you all.

I posted the following picture and caption on Instagram this week:

“My dad gave us a congratulatory gift of Stormcloud Brew. Why? Well… that’s a surprise… for now. 😏 #bignewscoming”

No, now is not the time to tell you what’s up.  Yes, I will announce the big news on Adventure Rich when the time comes and I will use the image above as the primary article image…. stay tuned!

How was your Thanksgiving?  Any big plans for the holidays?

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich