Negotiating a Work Remote Arrangement (Guest Post on Millennial Money Man!)

Today, Bobby from Millennial Money Man graciously accepted an article I wrote titled “Negotiating a Work Remote Arrangement”.  Go check it out!


In late May 2016, I lived with my husband and son in southern California.  My career at a Fortune 50 company was strong and we were enjoying our time and community.  But something was off.

I was commuting over an hour each way to work, resulting in hectic, time-strapped weeks juggling career, family, and social commitment.  Mr. Adventure Rich and I were both living thousands of miles from our families, creating a constant pressure to spend our money, PTO days and holidays traveling to family (thus making additional travel difficult).

We resided in a small, one bedroom campus house provided by Mr. Adventure Rich’s employer.  We greatly benefited from the campus housing, but with a young son quickly growing out of his pack-n-play (located in our living room!) our time in that house was limited and the prospect of trying to find an apartment or house in the high cost of living area was daunting.

Mr. Adventure Rich and I realized that we desired to live a different life.  We wanted to live close to one of our families (Michigan and Connecticut) in a more affordable area.  This set the wheels in motion for a new plan, an escape route.

Jobs, Jobs…

After over a year of searching and applying for a few jobs, Mr. Adventure Rich applied and received a job offer in northern Michigan, close to my hometown.  We were thrilled(!)… until the next hurdle presented itself.

What about my job?

Want the inside scoop on how I negotiated a remote work setup?  Head over to Millennial Money Man for the details!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich