Thinking Of Starting A Youtube Channel? Here’s How Much Youtuber RiceGum Makes!

If you want to start your own Youtube channel, it is a great idea if you look for inspiration from famous Youtubers such as RiceGum. 

Bryan Le or popularly known as RiceGum, is an American Youtube personality and musician. He is well-known for making Youtuber diss tracks and popularizing vevo thumbnails. He is also making some vlogs and covering some music. Through this, he gained massive popularity, which exploded RiceGum’s net worth to approximately $8 million.

However, RiceGum’s popularity is not the type of quick rise-to-fame. In fact, he started way back 2012 as a Gaming Youtuber! Well, if you want to know more about how RiceGum made it to where he is now, you may continue reading the post below.

How Much Money Does RiceGum Make on Youtube?

Over the past few years, RiceGum has seen his popularity skyrocket and achieved massive success on his Youtube channel. He is a member of the FaZe clan, as well as the prominent Clout Gang that lives in a giant mansion (Clout House) alongside with the other members.

Since 2012 up until today, RiceGum Youtube’s channel has garnered more than 10 million subscribers and has a total number of over 2.3 billion views on his Youtube channel. According to SocialBlade, RiceGum has an estimated monthly income of $50,000 from his Youtube channel and a yearly earning of around $600,000.

How Did RiceGum Start his Youtube Career?

Bryan Le started his Youtube career, when he uploaded his first video in 2012 playing Call of Duty. Basically, what he does is that he records himself and talks about himself while playing Call of Duty. During this time, he has over 180 million subscribers with approximately 1.5 million views on every stream he uploaded.  He also moved to a Major League Gaming streaming to garner more followers and subscribers.

However, in 2015, this was the year where he shifted his career, and then focused on comedy. One of his popular videos is that when he sealed himself into a box and mailed it himself to California. (you can watch his Human Mail Challenge here.) His breakthrough videos come from his series “These Kids Must Be Stopped”, on which he shared and criticizes the kids on the app  He also posted a video ranking out four social media stars such as Tanner Fox, Baby Ariel, and the Gabbie Show. These videos went viral, which gained millions of followers and subscribers. Unfortunately, in the early 2016, he decided to focus on his Youtube career, which is why he left college.

After he dropped out of school, RiceGum entered the music industry and began recording diss tracks, in which he rapped about online famous celebrities, wherein he received some hateful comments and bashing. However, he did not let it slide, and instead he grabbed this opportunity and attention through producing diss tracks to answer the critics he has been receiving.

In late 2016, RiceGum became friends with Alissa Violet, who is also an online celebrity and well-known for being the ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul (whose comedic videos became popular and led him to star in a Disney Channel series, Bizaardvark. When the relationship of these two online celebrity became sour (Jake and Alissa), he stepped into the online feud with Alissa by making a music parody of Paul’s track, in which they roasted Paul for the poor rating of the Disney series and throw some allegations that Paul used to bully other students when he was a schoolboy.

With the million of followers fanned the flame, the video parody, “It’s Everynight Sis” became an online smash, gathering a 100 million views on Youtube, enough number of views, which has ranked at number 80 on the US Billboard Hot 100, making him one of the first Youtubers to have a song included in the chart. This song was recognized and received a platinum award in March 2018.

Here are some of the best highlights of RiceGum’s Youtube career:

  • He started his Youtube channel in 2012
  • His breakthrough Youtube series “These Kids Must Be Stopped” in 2015
  • He dropped out in college to focus on his career in 2016
  • His video parody, “It’s Everynight Sis” ranked at number 80 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2017
  • He had reached a 10 million Youtube subscribers in his channel in 2018

RiceGum is considered as one of the most prominent Youtube personalities because of his vlogs, music, and comedic skits. Therefore, as an aspiring Youtuber, you might want to know how much money does RiceGum make.

How Does RiceGum Make Money on Youtube?

There are a lot of factors that can influence the cost of a single video uploaded by a Youtuber such as the location of the viewer, the number of advertisements on the video, type of advertisement, how many people skipped the ad, your content, and others. 

Usually, Youtubers can receive around $2 to $7 for every 1000 monetized views after Youtube took its cut. The monetized views can range around 40 to 80% of the total views, considering all the factors mentioned above. 

Therefore, here are the ways how Youtube star like RiceGum make money on Youtube:

1. Youtube Partnership Program (YPP)

The Youtube Partnership Program (YPP) provides their creator an access to Youtube resources and other features. However, there are certain criteria that you must meet to be able to join the program.

YPP is not a free-for-all. There are strict rules that you have to follow and eligibility criteria is often pretty tight. For example: 

  • The creator must follow all the Youtube monetization policies
  • The creator must live in a country or region where the Youtube Partnership Program is available. You may check this site to see the list of countries where you may sign up for YPP.
  • The creator must have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months
  • The creator must have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • The creator must have a linked Adsense account

To know more about the process of applying in the YPP, you may check this site to see the full checklist and the step-by-step guide on how to do it.

For RiceGum, he is a part of the YPP that allows him to earn money for every thousands of monetized views. Therefore, this means that the more views, the more you will earn from Youtube.

2. Merchandise

RiceGum created his own merchandise brand called RYCE in 2017. His merchandise collection consists of hoodie, backpacks, jeans, and other accessories for his beloved followers.

3. His Membership on FaZe Clan and Clout Gang

RiceGum was a member of both FaZe Clan and Clout Gang, which gave way to his massive popularity. 

Since RiceGum started streaming games, he joined the FaZe Clan Fortnite Team, where he was  playing actively until 2018. He has also been a member of the Clout Gang since 2017.

4. His Music Career

RiceGum received a platinum digital certification for his viral single, “It’s Everynight Sis”, which was a parody from the song created by Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro”. His single ranked at number 80 spot on US Billboard Hot 100, garnering over 135 million views on his Youtube channel.

Therefore, you already know the ways how RiceGum makes money on his Youtube channel. Well, aside from RiceGum, here is a table listing all the richest Youtubers and their estimated net worth.

List of Richest Youtubers by Net Worth

RiceGum is not the only YouTuber raking in the moolah. Here’s a list of other YouTubers making a killing with their channels:

Liza Koshy17.8 millionComedic videos, but often more serious issues$4 million
JuegaGerman38.9 millionComedic videos and music videos of his band$9 million
Jake Paul19.9 millionVlogs and prank videos$11.5 million
Roman Atwood15.3 millionHas two Youtube channels: (1) featuring vlogs (2) featuring prank videos$12 million
Ali-A16.6 millionStreaming video games such as Call of Duty and other games$14 million
Lilly Singh14.9 millionComedy videos and collaborations with famous celebrities$16 million
Logan Paul21 millionVlogs and prank videos$19 million
Dude Perfect50.3 millionViral videos of trickshots and sports-related videos. They also have some collaborations with famous personalities in sports$20 million
Markiplier25.4 millionOver the top playthroughs of video games and some collaborations with other Youtubers$24 million
DanTDM22.6 millionGaming videos for children between five and ten focusing mainly on Minecraft$30 million
Trisha Paytas4.89 millionFocusing on fashion, lifestyle, and relationship advice$4 million
The Dolan Twins10.7 millionComedy videos, vlogs, and prank videos$5 million
Shane Dawson23.3 millionComedy videos, conspiracy theories, and docuseries $12 million
James Charles17.9 millionFocusing on makeup tutorials and fashion$12 million
Ninja23.1 millionStreaming Fortnite and MIXER$15 million
John Green3.3 millionEducational series, life advices, and some entertaining videos$17 million
VanossGaming25 millionCreating video games$20 million
Ryan Kaji24.6 millionToy reviews donated by local charity, educational videos for kids, and DIY science experiments$22 million
Jeffree Star17.8 millionMakeup tutorials, blog about beauty, fame, and life advices$50 million

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