ESI Scale Interview #2 (Guest Post on the ESI Money Blog!)

Last week, I had the honor of being interviewed in a new series on the ESI Money blog.  The interview series features people who are working the “ESI Scale”.  The ESI Money blog has a longstanding interview series with millionaires and is now interviewing people on their way to a million.

Link:  Mrs. Adventure Rich ESI Scale Interview #2

ESI… What Does that Mean?

ESI stands for Earn, Save, Invest.  The ESI Money blog is written by a longtime blogger who reached financial independence and retired early.  He now helps others achieve these milestones through content that focuses on the pillars of growing wealth… earning, saving and investing.

One thing I really appreciate about the ESI blog is the focus on growing wealth through investing in your primary career.  As someone who enjoys her career and finds great satisfaction and fulfillment in it, this strongly resonates with me.  Right now, one of my greatest ROI actions to date has been heavily investing in my career and career skills sets.  This has aided in increasing my earnings and allowed my husband and I to save and invest over the past few years.

Fun Fact:  Mr. ESI himself just bought Rockstar Finance!  You can read more about the purchase here.

Mrs. Adventure Rich’s ESI Scale Interview

In the ESI Scale Interview, I dig into our finances, my career progression, and our investing strategy.  I also had the opportunity to ask the ESI readers a question at the end of the interview and I have been getting some awesome advice in the comments… I highly recommend checking out the reader feedback!

Link:  Mrs. Adventure Rich ESI Scale Interview #2

I hope you enjoy the interview!  As always, I will be responding to comments both here and on ESI Money blog.

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich