Cool Camping Gift Ideas For Outdoor Lovers

Know a person who loves the great outdoors? Maybe they seem to have every piece of equipment they could need for adventuring already – so what do you get them without breaking the bank?

Some cool camping gift ideas include items that make camping more comfortable, like an air mattress or portable camping shower. Otherwise, go for tools that combine functions so that they save space in a backpack – examples include multitools and survival bracelets.

In this article, we’ll share more cool camping gift ideas you can get on a budget. Your special someone will love these useful gifts – hey, you might even want to get them for yourself!

1. Four-Person Tent

Camping with a group? Staying for more than one day? A four-person tent is an essential, must-have item. A little room goes a long way when looking to camp in comfort and style.

2. Pop-Up Privacy Tent

Are you looking for an easy camping experience? A pop-up privacy tent will provide you with an easy setup and take-down experience. Get the privacy and comfort you need whether camping alone or with a companion. 

3. Camping Cot and Air Mattress

Some camping gear isn’t necessary but can still be quite nice. Camping cots and air mattresses can really sweeten a camping experience. Elevate one’s comfort level by getting up off the ground. 

4. Waterproof Portable Tent Light and Electric Bug Zapper

Some camping gear is simply essential. Lights and bug zappers are pieces of equipment you cannot go without. They make cool camping gifts for anyone looking for extra light or protection from the elements. The light is waterproof so it will provide lighting even in the rain. Nobody should go camping without protection from insects, so this waterproof portable tent light and electric bug zapper is a win-win. 

5. Lounger Air Sofa

This lounger air sofa provides great comfort for daytime relaxing. This lounger is also great for sleeping in. Whether looking for an outdoor lounger, or a sleep solution for inside a tent, this is a great gift choice and camping solution. 

6. Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Stick

Camping is not complete without roasting marshmallows. This rotating marshmallow roasting stick is perfect for camping hangouts. This handy tool can be used for more than just roasting marshmallows. It is also great for hot dogs and other skewer-friendly snacks. 

7. 14-in-1 Stainless Steel Multitool

Some camping gift ideas serve multiple purposes. This multitool is great for quick fixes in many situations. This 14-in-1 Stainless Steel Multitool can serve as a very handy emergency tool. This gift can be quite handy for camping considering how many useful tools it provides, including pliers, knife blade, hex wrenches, Philips head screwdriver, axe, bottle opener and more. 

 8. Portable Barbecue Grill 

Why build your own fire to cook when camping? Portable barbecue grills simplify the camping process significantly. Portable, simple to set up and grill with, and perfect for camping—this grill has it all. 

9. Luggable Loo – Portable 5 Gallon Toilet 

Some parts of camping aren’t ideal. Nobody wants to go in the woods! The Luggable Loo is a portable, 5-gallon toilet. Combine it with the pop up privacy tent to make your own, private bathroom. Carry this portable bathroom anywhere for a camper friendly, private place to do your business. 

10. Emergency Kit 

Some great gifts for campers are awesome simply because of their utility. Although camping is all about enjoying the outdoors, there’s always a possibility something could happen—and so having an emergency kit is an imperative. If there’s a hiker or camper in your life, make sure they have an adequate emergency kit in their possession. This should include first aid, car emergency kit items, and other necessary tools for emergency preparedness. 

11. Personal Water Filter

Access to clean, safe water is essential while camping. Bringing your own water can get to be expensive. A personal water filter makes it possible to filter water accessed while camping. This is an invaluable piece of equipment for hiking and camping and makes a great gift for campers. 

12. Survival Bracelet

This is a multifunctional bracelet that is great for camping. This single bracelet serves as a compass, a fire starter, and a whistle. When camping, it is essential to have such tools at one’s disposal. This survival bracelet makes it possible to have several vital survival tools available literally at the flick of the wrist. Don’t leave home without it!

13. Camping Hammock with Insect Net

This is a solo camper’s dream. Easily fold this and tie to the trees to create a simple hammock bed. This camping hammock with insect net will protect you from insects at night. The hammock itself is perfect for solo camping if you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy yourself and are just looking for a comfortable night’s sleep under the stars. 

14. Portable Solar Camping Shower

Another serious must-have when it comes to camping is a portable shower. Camping regulars can really appreciate this unique gift for when there isn’t access to water otherwise. This portable solar camping shower can hold a total of five gallons of water. Combine it with the pop-up privacy tent for a private shower experience.

15. Water Filter Camping Bottle

Outdoor lovers will enjoy this water bottle! It has a built-in water filter. This water filter camping bottle will make it excellent for camping, hiking, and anyone else on the go. 

16. Rechargeable Long-Range Two-Way Radios

When looking for cool camping gifts, consider two-way radios for people who enjoy camping in pairs or groups. Two-way communication devices are essential for camping and hiking outdoors. They are not only must-haves, but also make great gifts. 

17. Foldable Dish Tub

When camping for more than a single night being able to manage dishes is necessary. A foldable dish tub is a great way to keep dishes clean and organized when camping. The foldable nature of this tub makes it easy to carry along on a camping trip. 

18. Folding Chair

A folding chair makes a great accessory for camping. It is ideal for relaxing in and enjoying a comfortable camping experience. If you know a camper who doesn’t yet have a folding chair, this makes a great gift idea. 

19. Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Campers who enjoy cooking will enjoy this gift. A kitchen utensil organizer will step up their cooking game. It will keep their cooking tools clean and organized in a single place. Anyone who cooks outdoors can benefit from this unique gift idea. 

20. Cookware Set

Another excellent gift idea for campers who enjoy cooking is a cookware set. Camping cookware isn’t like traditional cookware. This cookware set is designed to cut down on space by fitting together one piece inside the next. Space is at a premium when packing for camping, so gift this ultra-light cookware set with great portability. 

21. Clip-On Fan

Camping can become uncomfortable when it becomes hot or humid outside. Make sure your favorite campers have adequate cooling gear. This clip-on fan is a great addition to any camper’s gear. It clips right on to the tent and is extremely portable. It’s rechargeable battery makes it a great camping fan. No electricity required!

22. Pop-Up Trash Can

Campers should not leave anything behind at the campsite that they brought with them. These pop-up trash cans make great gifts for campers who are eco-conscious. These pop-and-carry trash cans allow you to keep trash in a single place. Keep the environment as clean as when you found it. 

23. Camping Tarp

Gifts for campers can be quite practical, like this camping tarp. This tarp is easy to set up and ideal for sunny and rainy weather. This tarp is easy to carry, put up, and takedown, making it a great piece of camping or hiking gear.

24. Ultralight Folding Camping Table

An ultralight folding camping table is a great gift idea for multiple-day campers. It can accommodate outdoor activities including meals or games. This portable folding table is a great addition to a camper’s gear. It takes up very little space, and yet folds out nicely to provide many great uses. 

25. Waterproof LED Cooler Light

When looking for camping gift ideas, consider this waterproof LED cooler light. It is perfect for lighting up a cooler at night during camping or late-night get-together events. This is a handy gift for anyone who tends to bring a cooler with them camping. 

Good Luck on Your Quest!

By now, you’ve surely got some excellent camping gifts ideas for that special someone who loves the outdoors. Still not sure what to get? When in doubt, go for something small. No one wants to lug around more weight on a camping trip! 

Otherwise, just ask the person! People who love facing the elements are usually very practical people who would appreciate you asking them what they need. 

Have any more cool camping gift ideas to add to this list? Share that with us in the comments below!