Companies That Care About the Environment

Pollution, global warming, and the future of the planet are serious concerns. Industry has been a major culprit in creating these problems since the Industrial Revolution. In the late 60s and early 70s, environment groups began to form to bring attention to it and help people and companies see that things had to change. Many companies and their executives remain motivated by profits with little care for the environmental damage they cause. Fortunately, there are corporations who do care. These companies are making efforts to be eco-friendly and go green. Many are saving money as they help to save the environment.

EBI Consulting

Founded in 1989 by Frank Previte, EBI Consulting provides assistance in the reduction and management of energy use, management of compliance and environmental risk, as well as engineering services. As former CEO of EBI Consulting, Jeffrey Previte could tell you, the company has helped many corporations lower costs, increase efficiency, and boost the profits of shareholders while being eco-friendly.


The company that brings you all those fairy tale movies not to mention the Marvel Universe, and the Star Wars franchise are one of the greenest companies there is. All of the entertainment giant’s facilities follow strict policies that result in zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions. Disney also has recycling policies that mean zero waste and are very careful about conserving water. 


Tech company Hewlett-Packard was one of the first to publically report its greenhouse emissions. It then put plans in place to reduce those emissions and cut back on toxic waste produced during the manufacture of substances such as printer ink. Hewlett-Packard runs one of the most aggressive recycling campaigns and runs ads to raise awareness of environmental issues. 


Despite being a leader in the automotive field, one of the most polluting of industries, The Ford Motor Company has spent years developing a 10-point environmental initiative. All of the fabrics used in the interiors of Ford are sustainable and those used in the popular Escape and Focus models, are 80% recyclable. Ford manufactures a heavy-duty pickup truck powered by a clean diesel engine and a fuel-efficient six-speed transmission. The paint fumes produced in the Michigan plant are recycled into fuel. Ford is the only company to win the EPA Energy Star Award in two consecutive years and also boasts the largest green roof on the planet. 

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has been the leader in being environmentally aware in the manufacture of personal care products for more than two decades. It has been dedicated to using sustainable products in packaging as well as reducing waste during the processes of manufacture and distribution. J&J is also proud to own a fleet of hybrid vehicles.

The state of the environment impacts every living thing on the planet. Humans are the ones to pollute the Earth, and we have to be the ones to fix the problems. Thankfully, these major corporations are doing their part to reduce waste, recycle, and increase global awareness of the problems and their solutions.