Three Books On My Reading List That Aren’t Even Available Yet!

As we shift towards the colder weather and a hint of winter drifts through the air, I am working hard to embrace the cold and get out every day.  But I would be dishonest if I led you to believe I will be outdoors in the cold 24/7.  I absolutely love getting out in the winter, but I also absolutely love coming back indoors to the comfort of a warm, cozy home.

And what better way to enjoy our warm, cozy home than curled up in the corner of a couch with a delicious beverage (coffee, beer, whiskey, or tea depending on the time of day) and a good book?

I have quite a list of books I am looking forward to reading.  Fiction books, non-fiction books, business books, biographies, the list goes on.  Recently, I added three books to my reading list that aren’t even published yet!

“Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living” by Elizabeth Thames

The first book I am dying to get my hands on is “Meet the Frugalwoods“.  Written by the author of the Frugalwoods blog, this book charts Nate and Liz’s path from successful careers in the city to early retirement in the country.

As a long time reader of the Frugalwoods blog, I was thrilled to learn that Liz was writing a book.  When she announced the publication on her blog in October, I read the post early one morning while sitting bleary-eyed in bed.    I immediately elbow jabbed Mr. Adventure Rich in the ribs, excitedly sharing the news and informing him that I was pre-ordering the book immediately.

Liz has a beautiful, personal, and honest writing style.  Her blog posts and updates are eloquent pieces that capture my attention and imagination.  Her writing compounded with the fact that Liz and Nate have taken the leap from city living to homesteading in the Vermont countryside makes their journey and book a “must-read” for me!

“The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store” by Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders is another blogger I have admired and followed for years.  She started with writing about debt payoff, then a multi-year shopping ban, and now simple living and minimalism.

I can only describe Cait’s writing as “savory”.  That may seem odd, but let me explain.  Imagine that writing is like a cup of coffee.  There is your average cup of coffee that is great for a daily dose of caffeine, then there is that cup of coffee that is not a daily indulgence.  It is delicious, it is velvety, it makes you want to sit and just focus all of your attention on that cup of coffee and nothing else.

That is what Cait’s writing is to me… the type of writing I need to sit and focus on.  No scanning or skimming here, I savor Cait’s articles.  Her writing is genuine and exudes a beauty that is hard to describe.  Just go read her blog, you won’t be disappointed.

Considering my affinity for Cait’s blog, writing, and philosophy,  I look forward to her book “The Year of Less“.

“Get Money:  Live the Life You Want Not Just the Life You Can Afford” by Kristin Wong

Yes, the third book I am looking forward to is written by another blogger (surprise, surprise 😉 ).  Kristin Wong writes over at the Wild Wong.  She is a full-time freelancer who covers a variety of topics from personal finance to careers to freelancing.  She has made me laugh, she has made me think, and while she hasn’t made me cry yet… I think I just need to dig into her archives a bit more.

Kristin’s book “Get Money” is touted as a guide to gamifying your finances so you can finally “get money”.  I am a huge fan of finding books that break personal finance into understandable and enjoyable morsels of info.  Based on what I know of Kristin’s writing and the thesis of “Get Money”, I anticipate that this will soon be on my “books to gift” list!

A Note on Buying Books

I want to take a moment for a brief note on buying books.  I typically shy away from purchasing a copy of books I am interested in reading.  Most of the time, I’d rather utilize our local library or find a used copy to avoid excess cost and clutter.

But this book buying “rule” goes out the window when it comes to books written by people I admire and want to support.  The three authors listed above, along with numerous others who have shaped and influenced my life, deserve my support.  I have freely read their blogs for years, reaping million dollar tips and learning from their triumphs and failures.  They have dedicated time and effort to share their story, their wisdom, and their life.

Now, I have the opportunity to do more than just comment on their blog or link to their content.  I can support them by purchasing their books for both myself and for others (can you say, Christmas gifts?!?).  Sure, I am adding another book to my shelf and spending a few more dollars, but it is worth it to me.  Plus, I can always declutter by donating my copy of the book to our library after I finish so that others can enjoy and benefit!

What books are your looking forward to?  Any good ones I should add to my winter reading list?

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich