What I Won’t Be Doing on Black Friday… and Why

Can you guess?!?

You got it… I won’t be shopping!

So, what will I be doing?  Well, we are visiting Mr. Adventure Rich’s family this week, so my plan is as follows.

1. Complete our #ARStreak Goals

We are on Day 2 of a 40 day “Adventure Rich Streak Challenge“!  If you missed it, Mr. Adventure Rich and I decided to kick off a challenge spanning from Thanksgiving Day (November 23, 2017) to New Year’s Day (January 1, 2018).  That is 40 days of completing a goal that will improve participants health, wealth, and/or well-being.

I (Mrs. Adventure Rich) will be sticking to the Runner’s World Streak challenge and will be running at least one mile each day, preferably outdoors (gotta build up my winter toughness!).

Mr. Adventure Rich has committed to taking 15 minutes each day in silence… maybe sitting with a cup of coffee or walking outdoors.  He hopes to use this time to unwind, become more mindful, and tap into some inner creativity.

2. Spend Time with Family

New England family walk earlier this week 🙂

Even if we found the deal of a lifetime, we would likely skip it on Black Friday while visiting family.  While we see Mr. Adventure Rich’s family more now that we live in Michigan (vs. California!!!), we live far enough away to make it essential to keep our time in Connecticut in the “quality time” category.  We don’t want to be running around big box stores or coming back exhausted at 11 am, unable to enjoy the day with family.  So we just don’t.

3. Save Some Money!

That’s right, baby!  No Black Friday shopping means less temptation to impulse buy and more money in our pocket at the end of the day!

Now, I’m not a Black Friday deal hater.  I have done it once (and I hate lines so I had a horrible time) and I can see the value in purchasing a needed item that is at an all-time low.  But for things that are more “nice to haves”, I figure there will be other deals if/when they become a “need”.  Until then, our life is pretty good without extra items in our home.

I admit I am planning to spend money today.  I will be enjoying a coffee date with my sister-in-law (sans kids… yay!) and registering for a 2018 running race that typically sells out quickly.  But Black Friday deals are not my jive this year.

Anyone have a great Black Friday find this year?  Or are you avoiding the lines and sticking to other activities (maybe “Opting Outdoors”)?

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich