Planning Your Next Holiday? These Are The Best Places To Travel By Month!

If you’re thinking about whether take your next holiday but all of your regular spots have lost their luster, you’re in luck. We’re here with a top list of the best places for you to travel by month, so there’s always some where you to go and a great place to see no matter when your holiday comes around. You can also use this as an off-season travel calendar to avoid big crowds at great locations.



Finland is one of the best countries from which to view the aurora borealis, otherwise known as the northern lights. These cosmological phenomena are only visible from September to March, but we would recommend checking them out in January when the nights are darkest and the lights the brightest. Be prepared to see a few reindeer and bundle up!

Northern Lights

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival


This beachfront city of Australia is in the midst of summer during this time of year, so it’s a great way to escape the cold and bask in the sun down under. You can also take flights or busses to other main Australian cities like Sydney. But Perth is a bit special since it isn’t overrun with tourists and isn’t as well known as other Australian metropolitan hotspots.

Photo by Thaizer



This beachfront city of Australia is in the midst of summer during this time of year, so it’s a great way to escape the cold and bask in the sun down under. You can also take flights or busses to other main Australian cities like Sydney. But Perth is a bit special since it isn’t overrun with tourists and isn’t as well known as other Australian metropolitan hotspots.


Rio Carnival


Rio de Janeiro is the place to be in February and in Brazil; here, the weather will be warm and sunny, since Brazil is in the southern hemisphere! Rio Carnival is one of the biggest pre-Lent festivals in the world and attracts about 2 million people per day on the streets. It’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture and have a great time meeting locals.



This is actually the world’s first fully designated wine region, where the culturally ubiquitous drink first began to spread. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places you can visit during this traditionally cold month of the year, but you’ll also have ample chances to be a bit buzzed thanks to all the vineyards and wine tasting opportunities!

Douro Valley

Lanai, Hawaii

United States

Here’s one of the best Hawaiian islands, mostly because it’s comparatively remote! Head here for a luxurious experience outside the traditional touristy spots. But you can still enjoy excellent weather and a landscape of foliage and mountains when you’d normally be bundled up from snow!



We’d heartily recommend visiting Tokyo in April. It’s a beautiful time of year in Japan as a whole, but many planters in the city fill the streets with cherry blossoms. These iconic trees only bloom between early March and late April. Gardens like Sumida Park and Shinjuku Gyoen are top spots. You can also visit the Japanese countryside while you’re there.


Atlas Mountains


In Morocco, you definitely want to avoid the sweltering heat of most summer days. But its geographical location also means that its winters are very cold. Springtime in April is the perfect mix. We’d recommend checking out the Atlas Mountains, as they’re known to bloom with beautiful fruit trees that turn the landscape into a colorful rainbow of vegetation and animal life.



Head to where Charles Darwin first put down his ideas about evolution and see the wide variety of plant and animal life with your own eyes. The climate is fairly tropical in the ocean is perfectly warm for swimming and snorkeling. Plus, many of the beautiful sea creatures like dozens of species of fish and tortoises, are active during this time of year.

The Galapagos Islands

Machu Picchu


This worldwide attraction is normally filled with tourists, buy May is the perfect time to visit because the crowds won’t be as dense as they are during the summer. Plus, you’ll avoid the extreme heat that can go as high as the 80s in summer months. Machu Picchu has a lot of history and cultural value and the views are absolutely unbeatable.



Head anywhere in Iceland and see the rare opportunity for this frigid landscape to bloom with fresh grass and small, bright flowers. Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy the midnight sun and visit the famous blue lagoon ; being so high in the northern hemisphere, the sun doesn’t set for a couple of months except for a few hours here and there.


Pick just about any resort here and you’ll enjoy one of the most beautiful scenes on Earth. It has ideal weather during June and it’s actually a little before most of the other resort-seekers arrive. This means cheaper hotel rates and better access to rich Fiji culture.



The fabled “running of the bulls” takes place during this month! First-timers are recommended to stay back and watch more daring adventurers try their luck with the horns. This tradition is something everyone needs to experience, and it’s one of the oldest in the world; it began in the 14th century!

Pamplona Bull Run

Machu Picchu

French Polynesia

This is the best place to visit this resort-heavy region, as there’s low humidity and temperatures don’t go higher than the 80s or so. While there will be plenty of tourists in the resorts, you should scoop up a deal to visit one of the overwater bungalows yourself, particularly since there are lots of discounts during this time of year. The water is crystal clear, offering perfect scuba diving or snorkeling opportunities.



In the capital of Scotland, you can check out the world’s largest arts festival that spans almost the entire month. Hundreds of thousands of people show up every year and thousands of performances take place across hundreds of venues. Not to mention that the weather is fantastic this time of year, being neither too hot nor too cold. Take advantage of all the other food and drink benefits native to Scotland while you’re at it!

Edinburgh Fringe



You’d be smart to visit Switzerland during this early fall month. There’s tons of history here, including the International Red Cross Museum and plenty of old-style architecture to draw your eye. Not to mention that Switzerland is one of the more beautiful countries in the world, bordered by the picturesque alps. Geneva itself is close to Mont Blanc, a popular hiking mountain.


United States

While summer seasons in Alaska are popular, they’re also annoying because of the plethora of mosquitoes and other insects that grow. September is right around when they start to die off and the weather is still pleasant with plenty of sunshine. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the gorgeous, color-turning foliage in Denali National Park. You might even see the beginnings of the aurora borealis!

Alaska’s Denali National Park

Rosewood Mayakoba


This fantastic resort is only about an hour south of Cancun and provides stunning beaches and amazing views during this mild part of the year. The water is brisk and refreshing and you’ll find plenty of luxuries to help you forget your troubles and enjoy the subtle shift into fall weather.

Photo by Rosewood Mayakoba



If you can manage a stop in Italy between October 7 and November 26, you can partake in the International White Truffle Fair. It’s a tasty traditional celebration and the only time you can appreciate these rare truffles that only grow during two months of the year. Foodies and international tasting experts won’t want to miss this!

Photo by

White Truffle Fair

Oak Island, North Carolina

United States

Those who enjoy fishing will want to travel here in October, especially since there are saltwater and freshwater fishing competitions that occur throughout the month. You can easily rent a beachfront rental place and enjoy the mild temperatures and fantastic views on your holiday stay. Plus, there’s plenty of history close by in this state – one of the 13 originals from the United States’ founding!



In November, it’s springtime in Chile, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to see blooming landscapes and amazing wildlife. Chile has one of the most diverse ecosystems of the world, featuring big cats like pumas and rare warm-weather penguins. It’s a great way to get away from the cold if you live in the northern hemisphere.

Torres del Paine National Park

Hong Kong

This city is in a subtropical climate, providing it with clear skies and mild temperatures during November. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the city while avoiding the humidity of spring and the heat of summer. Potential activities include boat rides in the harbor or tours of its historic business centers and markets.



Christmas is a big thing in Germany. Not only do most of the towns set up exquisite and elaborate Christmas light shows and displays, but their famous Christmas markets, also called weihnachtsmarkts, put even the best Time’s Square celebrations to shame. Music, delicious food and drinks, and handmade gifts are aplenty. Nuremberg, in particular, has one of the oldest markets still in the country.

Christmas Markets

St. Lucia

This is one of the smallest sovereign nations in the world, located just north of South America’s tip. It’s also one of the best places to stop by in winter since temperatures reach into the 80s and the tiny country enjoys clear skies. You can relax in one of the best summer style resorts on Christmas day if you like!


Any of these places would make great vacation spots during any time of the year, but we’ve separated them according to when we think the best weather or events are going down. Have you ever visited these countries during the same month or a different one? Let us know your travel experiences below!