Using the Amazon Prime Credit Card Rewards for Christmas Presents

Last year, we experienced a flurry of Christmas shopping for our neices and nephews on Amazon.  As Amazon Prime members with disparate locations across the country, we found that creating Amazon Wish Lists was a convenient and expedient way to share gift lists with our relatives.  Once we created ours, many of our relatives created their own Amazon Wish Lists for us to consult.

This year, we tweaked our family approach to gift giving a bit and did more “Secret Santa” type giving (not giving to and getting from every single person!) and focusing on experiences.  But we still used Amazon for a few gifts for our parents, AR Jr. and a “sponsored child” through our parish.  And these gifts were largely covered by Amazon Rewards Points!

The Amazon Prime Credit Card

We have been Amazon Prime members for awhile and looked into an Amazon credit card a few years ago.  At the time, there was a credit card option that was not very lucrative and had poor reviews, so we skipped it.

Then, in the past year or two, Amazon partnered with Chase to release a co-branded Amazon Prime Credit Card.  This card offers 5% back on all Amazon purchases for Prime members (3% for non-Prime members).  With no annual fee, we decided to apply and use this card only for Amazon purchases.

Stockpiling Amazon Rewards Points

With a bit of spend flowing through Amazon each year for incidentals, wedding/baby shower registry gifts, household items, pet supplies, and Subscribe & Save items, the 5% rewards quickly generated a nice little fund of Amazon Points.  We decided to stockpile these reward points for Christmas gifts.

Cashing In on the Amazon Rewards Points

First Snow Angel of the Season

Essentially, by saving our Amazon Rewards Points, we created a Christmas Gift Savings Fund.  That way, when gift buying season came around we had a stash of points to redeem for gift purchases.  This eased the financial pressure that comes during the holiday season/end of year timeframe.  While we did not buy all of our gifts on Amazon and the points did not cover all of our gift giving, it certainly helped to have around $100 in a gift fund 🙂

What strategies do you employ for holiday gift giving?  Do you have a savings fund?  Buy gifts thoughout the year?  Or do you plan to spend a bit more during November/December?

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich