Adventure Challenge #8: Let’s Go Streaking! (Intro to the #ARStreak Challenge!)

Yes, you read the title correctly… I’m asking you to join us as we streak towards 2018!

Um, Streaking?

Let me explain…

I recently heard about the Runner’s World winter “Run Streak”.  The Runner’s World magazine is challenging readers and runners to run at least one mile per day starting on Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day.  This “run streak” is their way to encourage running through the holidays by creating a relatively attainable goal… one mile per day.

The Run Streak got me thinking.  We always talk about New Year’s resolutions and starting afresh on January 1st.  The problem I find in this plan is that I end up trying to jump into new goals and resolves right after spending a month and a half eating savory food, vegging out, drinking more than I typically do, and staying up late.  Essentially, I try to jump from a generally undisciplined state to a lean, mean efficient machine… and it never works!

So, why not try to set new goals and stick to a more disciplined and mindful routine DURING the holidays rather than starting after?

Why not create a goal that keeps me somewhat on track throughout the more undisciplined and downtime so that I am already jumpstarting my New Year?

Enter:  The Adventure Rich Streak Challenge!

The Adventure Rich Streak Challenge

I am committing, right here and now, to a 40-day streak from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day.  And I am challenging you all to join in!


Find a daily activity or goal you are willing to commit to and complete said activity/goal starting on Thanksgiving Day and ending New Year’s Day.

40 days!  Can you do it?!?

Call to Action:

Tell me about your Adventure Rich Streak goal and keep me posted on your progress!  Comment below, send me an email me at adventurerichblog (at) gmail (dot) com, or shout out on Twitter and Instagram using #ARStreak (and tag me! @adventurerichly both on Twitter and Instagram).

Follow Up:

If you participate in the Adventure Rich Streak, I’d love to hear from you after the New Year!  If anyone is willing/wants to provide a recap of their streak, I will do a wrap-up post with your recap of how it went and if you liked the pre-New Year’s goal focus (I’ll link to your blog if you are a blogger).

The Adventure Rich Streak Challenge FAQs

What days again?

Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day… or November 23, 2017 to January 1, 2018.

How long does the streak last?

40 awesome challenging days!

What counts as a streak activity or goal?

The definition is very loose.  Ideally, I would like the activity or goal to be something that improves your health, wealth, and/or well-being.

I can’t think of an activity or goal.  Any ideas?

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but here is a list of activities you could target each day:

•  The Runner’s World Challenge of a 1 mile run/day

•  X Steps/Day (any number that challenges you)

•  X minutes a day of reading

•  X minutes of silence/daydreaming

•  Yoga every day

•  Eating a vegetable with every meal

•  Spending X hours/day away from technology (phones, computers, etc)

•  Donating one item/day to a local charity/Goodwill (you can stockpile and make one trip!)

•  Organize one drawer/closet/area of the house/garage

•  Do one good deed for another

•  Put $X in a savings account

•  Drink X glasses of water

•  Play a game with family/friends (board game, cards, hide & seek)

•  Call a friend or family member

•  Limit to X alcoholic drinks or desserts/treats

•  Get up at Xam

•  Go to bed by Xpm (New Year’s Eve can be an exception here!)

•  Read all three of the Rockstar Finance featured articles every day 😉

What if I don’t complete my streak?

Don’t worry!  It would be awesome to complete the whole streak, but if you miss a day or have some reason for skipping (aka- sick/injured so you cannot walk or run), that is fine!

The goal is to try to complete an activity or meet a goal that aids your health, wealth and/or well-being each day.  If you complete this activity or goal the majority of the time, I still see that as a success!  🙂

What could come of a streak?

Yeah, so apparently, streaks can develop into long lasting habits.  Just check out Jon Sutherland’s story.  He started streaking (run streaking) on May 26, 1969.  Since that day, he has run at least one mile EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR OVER 48 YEARS!  Imagine, 48 years of consistency… over 17,500 days (over 17,500 miles!)  I’m in awe.

Now, not all streaks will result in a 48 year habit.  But who knows?  Maybe this is just the thing to jumpstart a change in your life.

Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich are Streaking!

Mrs. Adventure Rich Streak Commitment

I’m going classic and I am committing to running at least 1 mile each day, preferably outside.  When the winter weather sets in, I find it quite easy to stay indoors and get a bit lazy.  I am hoping that I will build up my winter-resistance by diving in and running each day early in the season.  Here’s to embracing the chill!

Mr. Adventure Rich Streak Commitment

He’s going in the opposite direction or, uh, really not going anywhere at all. He plans to spend 15 minutes in silence/meditation each day. Sitting peacefully indoors or taking a stroll around our property, he hopes to habituate himself to mental resetting and allowing room for inspiration to set in.

Alright, what will you be streaking towards 2018 with?  We’d love to have you join the Adventure Rich Streak Challenge!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich