40 Day Frugal Lent Challenge

The other day, I noticed a post by Ms. 99to1percent in the Rockstar Forums about a new challenge she was instituting.  Always up for a new challenge, I decided to take a look.

40 Day Frugal Lent Challenge

“Lent is almost here. It will begin on Wednesday, February 14th and end on Thursday, March 29th. it lasts about 40 days.

We are not overly religious but every year we participate in lent. We try to find good habits to adopt/strengthen or bad habits to drop. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so lent is a perfect time to try to do so.

So, we are inviting you to join us in the challenge. You don’t need to be a Christian or religious to join. Everyone is welcomed.

If you want to participate, I will need a paragraph about what frugal, financial, money… a habit you are going to adopt, strengthen or drop; or things/luxuries you are going to give up. If you want, you can also include what you will do with the money you will save.” ~Mrs. 99to1 Percent

After our run at the 40-day Adventure Rich Streak Challenge back in November and December, I thought this sounded like a great follow up!  So, here we are, joining in with a new twist on a 40-day streak 🙂

Adventure Rich Household Lent Commitment

Don’t worry AR Jr, snow angels are still allowed!

Throughout the 40 days of Lent, Mr. Adventure Rich and I will be working to make several frugal/lifestyle changes. We have four primary goals.

1. No Alcohol Purchase

Mr. AR and I are both avoiding alcohol, so we will also be avoiding the purchase of alcohol (both in-store or at a bar/restaurant).

2. No Eating Out

We have decided to avoid eating out, including meals, snacks or other incidental eating. To this end, we plan to prepare snacks or sandwiches for our days out and about.

3. No Buying Bread

Mr. AR has been making bread… so we have decided to avoid buying bread. This is actually a big one… we have a 2.5-year-old who is fueled by peanut butter and jelly so bread is a hot commodity. Being prepared for our “sandwich needs” by dedicating time to baking bread will be a challenge.

4. Increased Waste Consciousness


This is a little off the beaten path for “frugality”, but I still want to add it!  Our family would like to become more “waste conscious”. So, we are adding this on to our Lenten frugality challenge We will be working to compost, recycle, and avoid excess waste in our household.

So there you go… no alcohol or bread purchasing, no eating out, and increased “waste consciousness”.  If you want to join, comment below or head on over to see Mrs. 99to1 Percent’s post for more details!  Here’s to 40 days!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich