3 Hidden Benefits of an Online College Education

Having ultimate flexibility in how we access goods and services has never been more critical. Technology has advanced to the point where we get to interact virtually nearly the same as in person.

Because of this, many more are pursuing an online education. In addition, the internet has made it possible for people who cannot attend traditional schools due to their work schedules, disabilities, or other reasons can still get an education through online courses from reputable colleges and universities

Due to the prevalence of online education resources, we commonly know the apparent benefit of getting an online education: flexible scheduling. However, what most people don’t realize are the hidden benefits of an online college education. 

Career Revenge Turns into Career Rewards

You’ve known for a while it was time to change jobs, but you weren’t in a position where separating yourself from your old job was financially feasible. Staying in these conditions can wear on a person emotionally and mentally as toxic work behaviors remain prevalent. The longer a person is forced to remain in unhealthy conditions, the more likely they are to suffer from various mental health conditions. 

Some have found that the process of exploring new careers altogether gives them something tangible they can control about their job satisfaction. What would it be like to secretly study for a new career while you stay in your current one, then suddenly give notice, all while being able to say you’re not only leaving but leaving for a much better paying position? 

Although in many cases, this starts as wanting career revenge on toxic work environments everywhere, as you sink into your studies, you learn you’re obtaining far more priceless things: skills that can reward you handsomely in the job market.

Side Hustling with a Super Edge

Side hustling your way into more money can be super stressful and isn’t necessarily guaranteed to bring you up to the levels of income you’re seeking. Maybe your employer has even included a clause in your employment agreement stating you’re not allowed to have a side hustle, a second job, or anything that resembles traditional moonlighting. It almost makes you feel like you aren’t allowed to make more money in life. 

Why not study instead of hustle? It can be entirely possible to learn in your off-hours. Taking advantage of an online college education can be your new side hustle, effectively leveraging a similar amount of time to land you in the paycheck realm you’re seeking. 

Ninja-like Networking

Part of moving up in your career is being able to network successfully. Unfortunately, most people aren’t comfortable walking up to strangers, starting random conversations, or delivering a canned elevator pitch. If they had to choose between staying in their current career path or learning to network effectively, most would prefer to continue doing what they’re doing. 

The good news is that getting an online college education forces you to start working with a group of new people (in class) almost right away. You’ll be paired off into groups or enter group chats and discussions around your new learning material. Because you’re all working on the same projects together, you’ll end up having natural conversations and getting to know each other.

These new connections can now be considered part of your network. These connections might lead you to new working opportunities. Getting an online college education just helped you network like a ninja. 

Pursuing an online college education doesn’t have to be complicated. There are lots of education paths available to you. What possibilities will you explore next?