20 Frugal Adventures for Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Weekend Friday!

I believe I am not alone in the anticipation of an extra weekend day.  So, what are your plans?  Any big trips?  Exciting events?  Need ideas?  I can help!  I have compiled a list of twenty free or low-cost Memorial weekend ideas*.

*My one condition:  #20 is mandatory.


20 Frugal Adventures

1. BBQ!

Grab some ground beef, brats, hot dogs and head to a park (or your backyard!).  Cost: Approx. ~$5/person

2. Watch the Sunset 

We often have the most spectacular show right in front of us each and every evening.  Step out of your daily routine and watch the sun dip below the horizon.  Cost:  Free!

3. Ice Cream + Walk

I love this one!  We have several seasonal ice cream stands in our area.  I always like grabbing a cone and walking… makes me feel a little less guilty about the large twist with sprinkles on top 😉  Cost: $2-5

4. Go to the Beach  

Self-explanatory.  Memorial Weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer… so break out the swimsuits, grab the umbrella and beach towel and lather the sunscreen, its beach time!  Cost:  Free!

5. Enjoy your Favorite Beer 

Yep, I’m suggesting you splurge.  Go buy a six-pack of your favorite beer, find a good place to relax or meet up with a friend, and crack open a cold one.  Cost:  $7-12 depending on your taste

6   Read a Book:  

Pick up that book you bought two years ago, swing by the local library, or borrow a book from a friend.  Then find a place to curl up and enjoy!  Cost:  Free!

7. Play Ball!  

When was the last time you threw a football with your dad?  Played catch with your kids?  Or kicked around a soccer ball with friends?  Take advantage of the summer weather with a leisurely afternoon activity!  Cost:  Free! (if you own a ball)  $10-20 if you need to buy equipment

8. Try a new recipe 

I’m typically wary of this one (I tend to be pretty mediocre in the kitchen), but Mr. Adventure Rich is a rockstar when it comes to cooking.  Every-so-often, we have a blast trying a new recipe out.  Thai Curry?  Shrimp Fried Quinoa?  Poor Man’s Prime Rib?  Eggs Benedict?  Homemade Avocado Toast???  Cost: Varies, but you should be able to get away with $10-20/meal (assuming 4-6 portions)

9. Use something you haven’t used in a while  

This is vague and open-ended, but its one of those “now is the time” suggestion!  Tune up that dusty bike, pull out those old fishing poles, grab the kite you used to love as a kid, etc.  Cost: Free!

10. Write a letter or call a friend/family member  

I am terrible at keeping up with people on a regular basis.  And if I do catch up, it is often a quick text or forwarding an interesting email along.  Why not take some time this weekend to reconnect or reach out to someone who has been on your mind lately?  Cost:  $0.49 postage/letter (free with most cellular plans if you give someone a call)

11. Memorial Day Parades!

Break out the Red, White, and Blue!  They may not take place everywhere, but check your local calendar to see if a nearby town is hosting a Memorial Day Parade!  They are often fun, entertaining, community- building and provide a great way to honor the local veterans.  All in a win in my books!  Cost:  Free!

12. Community Events  

Come on now, it’s a holiday weekend… there are things to do!  Check to see if your local museum has a special exhibit running, maybe the downtown area is hosting a street fair, or who has a local farmers market planned?   Cost: Varies

13. Build a Bonfire

An Adventure Rich family staple.  We love building bonfires on a regular basis.  It gets us outside and provides a great opportunity to relax, reset and enjoy the great outdoors!  Cost:  $5 if you need to buy firewood

14. Local Bands and Musicians 

We are lucky to live in a vibrant, small-town area with several very talented local musicians who play on a regular basis at bars/breweries, parks or other venues.  Cost:  Varies, but often free!

15. Go for a Drive 

If the weather is nice this weekend, then go for a scenic drive.  Roll down the windows, crank the music, let your hair down, throw the shades on and cruise!  Cost:  ~$5-15 depending on distance and vehicle

16. Work on the Garden

“Garden” can be used in many ways.  Whether it is the potted plants on your apartment windowsill or the acres of lush expanse on your property, work to cultivate it on your day off!  Cost:
Varies depending on supply/seed needs, but can be free!

17. Make a Goodwill Run

Spring Cleaning time!!!  Clean out that closet and clear the cabinets.  Let’s start the summer fresh with a decluttered house!  Cost:  Free!

18. Run a 5K

5k races are great community events and often raise money for a good cause.  Plus- once you run, you can feel a bit better about the beer, ice cream and/or BBQ you will be having later!  Cost:  $20-40

19. Relax in a Bubble Bath 

And if you run that 5k, you can celebrate with a book, a glass of wine and lots of bubbles in a bath afterward.  Cost:  Free!  (well… maybe $1 for the glass of wine from a box)

20. Be Thankful 

Take the time this Memorial Day weekend to remember the reason we have the extra day.  We are honoring the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.  Find a quiet place to reflect on the incredible gift each and every one of our brave men and women over the years has secured for us… the gift of freedom in America.  Cost:  Free!

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Weekend!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich